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A space that honours daily practice to cultivate connection to Self, Community & the Sacred

Why you should join our community

The community you have been looking for… and the classes you have always wanted to take.

Connecting to Self through Ritual

 The uncertainty of our times has made us realise the value of consistently returning to a daily ritual practice. Many of us feel intuitively called to have one, but are unsure where to start. Whether it’s Breathwork, Tea Ceremony or Creative Journaling as the sun rises - This space is an online community where you can share your own daily practices with other members and also learn about new modalities through the classes and courses offered. Our classes journey through the four aspects of being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - ranging from beauty and health rituals to Spirit practices such as Building a Home Altar.

Connecting with Community

Community is an important aspect of what we offer especially in these current times. We commune together twice per month in ceremony for both the New Moon and Full Moon. The New Moon Ceremony is a time to align with the beginning of the new cycle by setting intentions, gathering in reverence and empowering each other in clarifying what we are setting in motion. The Full Moon Song Circle is a time to celebrate the full expression of the divine work that we have done fulfilling the intentions we set in the new moon. We do this through ritual, community, singing and opening our hearts in love & gratitude. 

Connecting with the Sacred & Natural World

We believe that true healing must also move beyond the individual and begin to heal the collective and planetary issues of our time. We believe in the interconnectedness of all living things, we understand that in offering help and healing to marginalised communities and a planet in peril, that we are healing ourselves by restoring humans to our rightful place in the ecosystem. We call this Embodied Activism. That is why in addition to our monthly ritual classes we offer free workshops for our members where they can learn about topics such as Indigenous Allyship, Living A Zero Waste Lifestyle, How To Compost and Wealth Redistribution. Also as part of our Active Reciprocity program, each month from every individual membership, we donate US$1 towards supporting One Tree Planted and another US$1 goes towards rotating non-profits that work specifically with Indigenous Communities and regenerative initiatives.

What's included in my membership?

You receive 6 classes and ceremonies per month included in the membership fee:

3 x Ritual practice classes from teachers around the world plus access to our library of past classes

1 x New Moon Ceremony

1 x Full Moon Ceremony Song Circle


Community Gatherings

Quarterly Embodied Activism workshop

Quarterly Oracle Divination Reading 

The peace of mind knowing that a portion of your membership fee is donated to support regenerative initiatives.

Opportunity to connect with other members and teachers to help guide and inspire your journey.

Access to our music collection and member discounts

Check out our Frequently asked questions.

A time of massive shift is upon us and we believe that the sharing of these powerful ritual practices can manifest positive change in our own lives, our communities, and contribute towards the building of a beautiful new world. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

What are my membership options?

You can choose either a monthly, yearly or Lifetime membership. All the above benefits are included in the membership price, for the price of what you would usually pay for one class you get 6 classes and ceremonies plus much more! 

Sign up today to receive a 3-day free trial period for both our monthly and yearly memberships. 

When you join our yearly membership you get two months for free. 

BIPOC Memberships

We acknowledge that BIPOC communities have historically been excluded from the health and wellness space and seek to rectify that by offering memberships at half price to BIPOC brothers and sisters. Please email us to apply at [email protected]

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