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The Mission

We are at a critical time in our planet's story. She needs us to show up in the full embodiment of our gifts and devotion, offering ourselves in service back to the Web of Life.

We’ve forgotten our true nature and how to be a beneficial presence in our greater eco-system in which we inhabit. There is an illusion that we are separate from nature and consequently we have mistreated our earth and all it’s beings.

The antidote is to journey into our inner worlds to discover our own true nature, to regulate our nervous systems, to know thyself so that we can clear out the old and consciously select the new AND at the same time we must reignite our awe, find our purpose, be of service and make a difference. This space is for the Benevolent Leaders of today to show up in a way that is beneficial to all living beings and actively participate in the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Two ways to be part of the journey

1. Join the Community Membership

There is magic when we come together to support one another on our own personal journeys. We see ourselves in each other, we realise we share this human experience with all its wonders and challenges.

What's included:

  • A nourishing community with the opportunity to create new friendships and access the many teachers, artists and expanders to help guide and inspire you on your journey.
  • Monthly New Moon Ceremony to set intentions for the cycle ahead. This powerful ritual allow us to align to our highest visions of ourselves with the support of community. 
  • The Library - our collection of over 200 hours of on-demand workshops that explore practices to support self discovery, spirituality and transformation from our family of teachers, artists and ritualists around the world. 
  • Bimonthly Full Moon Ceremony to celebrate with one another - Song Circles, Movement Activations & Group Divination Readings.
  • Exclusive membership access to Quests and events.

2. Join our Courses or Quests

Are you ready to take the next step?

Join the waitlist for the Quest to Remember & Rebirth for when it becomes a self-paced evergreen journey.

We will be revealing some incredible courses in 2023.

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